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Late Season Love

A haven for all those who love S6 and S7.

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For the love of seasons six and seven of BtVS.
Welcome to lateseasonlove, a community to celebrate the last two seasons of Buffy the Vampire Slayer. If you like your heroes flawed, but real, and your stories demanding, murky and sometimes rough, then this is the place for you. Season 6 and Season 7 often seem to take a lot of flak, so we’ve created this place as a safe haven for all those of us who think that the show was wonderful and fascinating from beginning to end.

We welcome fic, analysis, discussions, pictures, icons, essays, artwork, recs... bring it all! Thoughts about The Trio? Icons of übervamps? Fic about Willow/Tara? Spuffy manips? Essays on the return of Angel or Faith? Post away! We’ll issue challenges from time to time, but people are always free to share what they’ve made. Also please re-post old stuff, as we’d love for this to become an archive of all the great things we know is out there.

Season 6 Quote:
“I like Season 6. I love the complexity, the – angularity, I guess - of some of the plot developments. I love the way one story, in particular, seemed to break out of whatever theme it was supposed to be getting across, and gave us television as riveting and as gut-wrenching as television dares to be, and acting – and, especially, interacting – that was occasionally sublime. I make no claim that everything there is planned and plotted. It's there, that's the beauty of it, but I’m not saying all of it was put there. (...) Season 6 isn't an easy one to analyse, because for everyone, somewhere along the line, it's personal. Everybody comes to the table with Something.”

Season 7 Quote:
"Listing all the things we didn't get in S7, we missed things we did get. It is a sleight of hand – don't know whether intentional or not. We look at a shiny thing in one direction, and the important things go on in the background.

I look at the foreground again and it is a lonely place, where Buffy is stuck in the impossible struggle with the First Evil, with other characters popping on the surface from time to time.

The life is going on in the background.

This structure is a thing of beauty in its own way, really. It is like those 3-D pictures, where you look - and it is a mess, and then you look slightly askance - and it is a sailboat. Of course, you may argue that no one should have to make so much effort to see a sailboat in the picture, and you would be right, too.

But then I see the 3-D sailboat, and I am happy."



1. You must be a member of the community to post here. To join, please click on the link above. If you only want to watch, press the + button and add the community to your flist.

2. Please place large images (including fic banners) and any fic longer than a drabble behind an lj-cut. Up to three teaser icons are allowed not underneath an lj-cut. Also label your post in the subject line, since this will make archiving so much easier! (F.ex.: Fic: The smelly sock (1/3), Spike & Clem, PG)

3. If your story/manip/whatever contains adult content, you MUST label it correctly. Also put it behind an lj-cut or it will be deleted asap.

4. The show might only have warranted a '15' rating, but out here on the internet people go a lot further. Don't peek if you’re not old enough - just consider what happened when Buffy slept with Angel!

5. Plagiarism will not be tolerated, and off-topic posts will be deleted.

6. No flaming or bashing, please. Well balanced arguments and constructive criticism are welcome though.

7. Very important: No trolls! We like to look at the positive side of things here, so if you think that the last seasons of Buffy ruined tv forever (or something like that), post a rant in your own journal. Inappropriate comments will be deleted and further occurrences will lead to banning.

8. Please no entries post-Chosen. While we love to imagine what went on after the end of BtVS, we are choosing to keep this community focused on seasons 6 & 7 only.

Our beautiful banner and default icon were created by the wonderful eyesthatslay!

Our Season 6 and 7 mood theme is made by the very talented earth_vexer and is shareable. Available here.

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