July 16th, 2006

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Voting- Flooded Icon Challenge

Our Flooded icon challenge is now closed. We want to extend a *huge* thank you to all of our members who entered! Voting for this challenge will begin now, and closes on July 20th, 11:59 p.m. PDT. Our winners will be announced on July 21st. To clarify, no other members of the comm will be able to see your vote, so please take a moment and give some love to your favorite artist. There will be no voting on fic this round, as we didn't receive enough entries.

This poll is now closed, thank you for voting!

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Vermeer, woman in yellow

The mad man and the galant knight

A post  by elisi made me think again and react...She wondered about Spike's anger when he left Sunnydale at the end of Seeing Red.

Of course there was an obvious reason to his anger on screen: it was there to mislead us to think he was going back to his evil ways so the soul request in Grave would be a complete twist!

But I think that his anger then also makes sense and shows a true consistency in the writing.

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ETA: Just checked the transcipt and realized that Spike did not call Buffy bitch at the end of SR ! LOL 
he must have thought it very loud though...