that girl, she glows (effulgent_girl) wrote in lateseasonlove,
that girl, she glows

for seasonal_spuffy

Tags: buffy, icons, season 6, season 7, spike, spike/buffy, spuffy

  • Buffy/Spike Music Video - Effigy

    Title: Effigy Vidder: Aurora (effulgent_girl) Song Title/Artist: Effigy by Natalie Merchant Rating: PG, maybe PG-13 Format: Zipped wmv &…

  • Buffy/Spike Fanmix - Love In Steps

    Title: Love In Steps Warnings: No spoilers Notes: This was created for Seasonal Spuffy's Fall '09 Round. It's a bit of a play on words; the fact…

  • Stairs (1/1)

    Title: Stairs Pairing: Spike & Dawn friendship Rating: PG Summary: Some things you just can't hide. Word Count: 896 It took a while to pry him…

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