Mrs Darcy (elisi) wrote in lateseasonlove,
Mrs Darcy

Important message for everyone!

As you probably know, this week we get to vote for someone to be on the LJ Advisory Board. It is doubtful that this person will have any power at all, but he or she *will* in all likelihood be able to influence things to some degree. And this is where we need to join together, because right now someone called jameth is one of the frontrunners. The problem is that he is (apparently) an anti-fandom troll, the last sort of person we want representing the average LJ user.

fandom_votes has a post here (and bookshop one here) going into more details, including the fandom nominees' platforms [note: By 'fandom nominees' I mean nominees that are in fandom. That doesn't mean that they have a fannish agenda]. Take a minute to go over there and have a look before casting your vote.

However - if you're in a hurry, or just can't be asked to read up on it, please vote for legomymalfoy, rm and vichan (you have three votes). You vote HERE. It'll take seconds - go on! Think of the porn!

(Oh and you can change your vote here.)

Thank you very much for your attention and please help spread the word,
Your Friendly Mods

And now I promise to stop spamming my flist about this. Honest.

ETA: This has major kerfuffle potential. Be careful.
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